Option 1 (easy and quick) : Mix the three eyeshadows : Fou de bleu, Faux airs de vert and Charbon doré. Be generous when you apply on the eyelid and at the edge of the eyelashes. Add a bit of Neige rosée under the eyebrow and on the inside of the eye. 

Option 2 (a bit less quick ) : Click on the video on the vidéo on the left hand side. Proceed step by step. In the order : Fou de bleu, Faux airs de vert, Charbon doré and Neige rosée. 

The bush Terre de feu is applied on the top of the cheek. 

If you want to be looked in your mouth, apply the liptick Cavalière mixed with the eyeshadow Cacao épicé (to make it darker). 

Crédit photo: Christophe Ansay